DIY Ant Man Kids Costume


If you loved Ant-Man then you’ll surely love this costume based off of the little super hero. Lots of work went into this DIY project and that’s quite clear because the end result is spectacular. It almost looks like the same outfit worn by Paul Rudd in the movie!

DIY Ant Man Kids Costume

A message from Jeannie, the submitter of the ‘Homemade Ant Man’ kids costume:

This is my sons homemade Ant Man costume. His dad made it entirely from scratch using a Youtube video. The helmet is made from plastic containers and Tupperware all cut to size and assembled. The belt and hands of the costume light up.

It took over a month to fully finish the ant man costume and involved much trial and error and many trips to Value Village and Home depot.

Ant Man Helmet Off

I think the final product is impressive and my son loved it.

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