Homemade Adventure Time Family Costume


Adventure time is one of our favorite shows! Of course the only option we had that year was to dress up as our favorite characters! I’m Amy, and I am dressed as Marceline the Vampire Queen! I hand made the axe bass with card board and paper mache, then painted it and put the strings and buttons on. I had the pants, shirt, and wig, but I bought the boots from K-mart. My husband is Keane, or Finn the human, I sewed the hat and back pack, and made the sword with cardboard and paper mache, then paint. My daughter Alice, is the fire princess! We bought the wig and dress from our favorite thrift store value village. We hair sprayed the wig to stand up like that, it was a slightly difficult task! I sewed the yellow shirt and pants too make her glow like fire! We also glued the jewels on to the dress and her forehead. My son, Kj, is Jake the dog! I made the entire costume! It’s a hooded sweater and pants, it was a little difficult because of how much sewing went into it, but totally worth every minute! Halloween is a day you get to be someone or something else for a day, so we love to go all out! And even do role playing for a great time! Hope you enjoy our picture, thank you!

Adventure Time family costume

Adventure time costume submitted by Amy G.

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