Homemade Adult Minion Costume


If you’re a big fan of the Minions then you’ll definitely love this costume. It’s a big mascot style costume that results in a big, proportionate, realistic, life-sized Minion that’s perfect for anyone who wants to help save all of Minionkind!

Homemade Adult Minion Costume

A message from Crystal, the submitter of the ‘Homemade Adult Minion’ costume:

My nephew Colby is the man behind the mask so to speak…we make costumes for all occasions, I used 4 hula hoops, 6- 3/4 inch and 3 foot pieces of pvc pipe for the frame. 4 yards of yellow fleece, 4 yards of blue fleece (I always rather have to much than not enough.

Lots of hot glue and duct tape…lol I used white felt and black net for eyes.

minion with child

It was a tag team effort between me and my sister Giane. ..we love making costumes for the children’s parties, Halloween, or just because!!!

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