Hilarious Redneck Joe Dirt Costume


I am 8 months pregnant and I work in the historical Buckstaff Bathhouse where we get lots of tourist. I usually dress up in something sexy but with my belly and all I really wanted shock factor this year.

Redneck Joe Dirt Costume

I got a mullet wig for $8 at WalMart and some water based paint for $.50! I used a little sponge I had from last year to dab the paint on my face, under arms, and chest which was made of that stiff loofah material and gave it a hairy like appearance.

Redneck Joe Dirt

A white ribbed tank I have as a wife beater along with a white sports bra for man boobs. My biggest pair of worn out jeans and some cheap RayBan look-a-like sunglasses. I could not find any redneck looking tattoos so I used a tattoo sleeve that I got for $1.

Redneck Joe Dirt Woman

I had about 50+ people take my picture, or have the best laugh they’ve have all day or pull their wife up close to them as if they didn’t want them near me……it was like some people forgot it was Halloween or they really thought that I was a man! It was classic! Definitely a Kodak Moment!

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