Heart-warming Owl Costume For Baby


I named my grandson before he was born with the nickname of “Hoot” knowing he would grow up in Iowa and Illinois and enjoy his life and make those around him laugh and yet have the manners of a Southern gentlemen and be a wise man. His Mommy and Daddy named him Deagan but to Grammy, he will always be Hoot.

Baby Owl Costume

They let me indulge in getting his first costume since he is really too little to have candy or know the meaning of trick or treating. He is 8 months old and we look forward to the coming holidays as his first ones and his first birthday will be February 13th, almost a Valentine’s baby. Grammy has also purchased him a few little owl friends, one he had since birth and the larger one as a souvenir when we went on our first mini-vacation to the St. Louis zoo and surrounding attractions.

Baby Owl

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