Harry Potter Miniature Hippogriff Costume


Harry Potter fans will love this. It takes us all the way back to the 3rd film in the series, The Prisoner of Azkaban. With the horse appropriately dressed as the Hippogriff to accompany Harry Potter, who’s costume looks authentic, these 2 will be ready for any adventure this Halloween!

Harry Potter Costume

A message from Sarah, the creator of the ‘Harry Potter Hippogriff’ costume:

This costume is made for my mininiature horse, Patrick, and myself.

It is based on the Harry Potter series. Patrick’s Hippogriff costume is made of a cloth base, made to fit around his face and chest, with feather boas glued onto it, and a set of angels wings attached at the withers by a harness.

hippogriff costume

The beak is made of craft foam, and I airbrushed color into the whole thing. My costume was made from things I found at goodwill, the $30 robe being the only thing I purchased (from eBay).

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