25 Magical Harry Potter Dog Costumes


Harry Potter fans rejoice this Halloween and prepare your dogs for their next year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with these outstanding costumes! This list contains costumes perfect for all Harry Potter and dog lovers who want to show their support this Halloween. For the dog owners who want to take things into their own hands there are some DIY tutorials that will result in a perfect Hogwarts uniform for your furry little friend!

Dress up your pup in one of these adorable Harry Potter dog costumes! Too cute for words :)

Slytherin Dog Sweater

Represent your true Slytherin colors this Halloween with this awesome dog sweater! This handmade yarn outfit can be custom made to fit any dog perfectly and will have your furry little companion feeling comfy all night long. Your dog will look like the Heir of Slytherin when you slip this costume on them!

Mrs. Weasley Sweater

Join the Weasley tradition with this impressive Mrs. Weasley pet sweater! This outfit can slip over any small pet to make them feel right at home in the Weasley family. Everyone will recognize your dog and the family he’s apart of when they see them dressed in this stylish sweater!

Harry Potter Logo Pet Vest

Show off your love for Harry Potter this Halloween with this awesome dog shirt! The very recognizable printed logo on the back of this outfit will make you and your dog the biggest Harry Potter fanatics around. Your dog will be ready to defeat He Who Must Not Be Named when they’re wearing this costume!

Gryffindor Dog Necktie

Dress your dog in the colors of your favorite house this Halloween with this outstanding Gryffindor dog necktie! This tie can easily slide on to virtually any pet collar to instantly place them into Gryffindor. Your dog will instantly become the centre of attention this Halloween when you dress them in this admirable necktie!

Harry Potter Inspired Dog Costume

Take your furry friend to Hogwarts and get them ready for the school year this Halloween with this stunning Harry Potter inspired costume! Complete with glasses and a Gryffindor uniform this costume is perfect for transforming any small dog into Harry Potter just as effectively as a batch of freshly brewed polyjuice potion!

Pet Harry Potter Hoodie

Head back in time with this cute Harry Potter quote dog hoodie! This costume features a famous line from the movie that only true Harry Potter fans will recognize and will have your dog ready to be in 2 places at once this Halloween. You and your dog will be ready for anything when you suit them up in this costume!

Harry Potter Inspired Dog Collar

Show all your friends how elegant your furry little companion is this Halloween with this sharp Harry Potter inspired striped tie and shirt collar! These collars are available in all 4 house colors and will fit small dogs as well as cats. You’ll have the cutest pet in all of Hogwarts when you suit them up in this nice costume!

Harry Potter Dog Costume

Transform your dog into Harry Potter this Halloween with this very distinguishable costume! This scarf completed with Gryffindor colors makes it so recognizable and will amaze all your friends. You and your dog will be ready to go relax in the Gryffindor common room when you slip them into this costume!

Dogs Deathly Hallows Logo Clothing

Show everyone that you’re a true Harry Potter fanatic with this incredible Deathly Hallows logo dog shirt! This fleece sweater slips over most small dogs to instantly turn them into as big of a Harry Potter fan as you. Your dog will be comfortable as they search for the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility this Halloween!

Harry Potter Dog Bandana

Keep your dog comfy as they represent Harry Potter this Halloween with this stylish bandana! The recognizable logos and design of this bandana makes it very recognizable and will have all your Harry Potter friends jealous. Your be ready to head to platform nine and three quarters with this bandana!

Pet Harry Potter House Scarves

Let your pet be sorted into the appropriate house this Halloween with these exquisite scarf! These scarves are available for pets of all houses and will help them identify what team they’re on this Halloween. Your dog will be ready to take to the cold of the night at Hogwarts when they’re wearing these scarves!

Gryffindor Lightning Bolt Dog Collar Accessory

Turn any dog into a true Gryffindor this Halloween with this awesome dog collar accessory! This fabric flower slides onto basically any dog collar to instantly enter your dog into the house they deserve to be in. Your dog will be ready for any Slytherins who come their way this Halloween!

Harry Potter Obsessed Dog Sweater

Show off your obsession for Harry Potter this Halloween with this hilarious dog sweater! This fleece sweater will show all your friends how big of a fan you really are while keeping your dog warm and comfy making this a must have for all dog and Harry Potter lovers!

Hogwarts Crest Dog Collar Accessory

Make your dog feel like they’re stepping through the front doors of Hogwarts for the first time ever with this exceptional collar accessory! This necktie easily slides on to almost any dog collar making it very quick and easy for every member of your family to show their love for Harry Potter!

Slytherin House Crest Dog Necktie

Show all your friends your dogs rebellious side with this remarkable Slytherin necktie! This very detailed and well designed necktie slips onto virtually any dog collar to instantly put them into the house most feared by everyone else. Your dog will fit right in with all other Slytherin classmates when they don this necktie!

Hufflepuff House Crest Dog Necktie

Fit your dog into the Hogwarts mix this Halloween with this awesome Hufflepuff necktie! The obvious Hufflepuff logo and color scheme make this costume noticeable to all other Hogwarts students when you slide it onto your dogs collar. Your furry little friend will be ready for another awesome year at Hogwarts when they rock this necktie!

Ravenclaw House Crest Dog Necktie

Let your dog join the house of Rowena Ravenclaw this Halloween with this magnificent necktie! Simply slide this necktie onto any dog collar to immediately enrol them into the Ravenclaw house. Your dog will be ready to search for Ravenclaw’s lost diadem when they slip this tie on!

Gryffindor House Crest Dog Necktie

Put your furry little friend alongside Harry, Ron, and Hermione this Halloween with this excellent Gryffindor necktie! It quickly fits onto most dog collars to immediately turn them to the good side and prepare them to fight all the evil in Hogwarts this Halloween. You’ll have the most obedient dog when you suit them up in this necktie!

Wizard Hat with Beard for Pets

Prepare your furry little companion for witchcraft and wizardry this Halloween with this awesome wizard hat and beard! This comfortable shiny blue and silver hat with attached grey beard will help you assemble the perfect Dumbledore costume for your dog and get them ready to lead Hogwarts to another successful year!

Slytherin Inspired Dog Scarf

Let your dog show off their dark side this Halloween with this Slytherin inspired scarf! This scarf is perfect for all dogs who want to go against the grain and be apart of the most evil Hogwarts house. Whether or not your dog really is evil, they’ll look fantastic in this wonderful scarf!

Hufflepuff Inspired Dog Scarf

Represent your love for Hufflepuff this Halloween with this incredible dog scarf! This scarf is handmade from yarn making it very warm and cozy for your dog to wear all night long. You and your best little friend will be ready to take Hufflepuff by storm when you dress your dog up in this scarf!

Harry Potter Costume for Pets

Get your pet ready to take down Voldemort this Halloween with this exceptional Harry Potter pet costume! This costume can fit both cats and small dogs and the glasses with lightning bolt scar will let everyone know who your favorite hero is. You and your dog will be ready to assemble Dumbledore’s army with this costume!

Harry Potter Quote Dog Clothes

Show everyone that you’re up to no good this Halloween with this hilarious Harry Potter quote dog sweater! This famous line know by all Harry Potter fans will let them all know that you and your dog are the biggest fans. Your furry friend will be ready for their next mischievous year at Hogwarts with this costume!

Ravenclaw Inspired Dog Scarf

Show all your friends where you and your dog belong with this striking Luna Lovegood Ravenclaw dog scarf! This scarf easily and comfortably fits most dogs and its iconic color combination will let everyone know where your loyalty lies. You and your dog will be welcomed into Ravenclaw with open arms with this costume!

Dog Wizard Costume

Prepare your dog for the world of magic this Halloween with this impressive wizard costume! This costume is perfect for Harry Potter fans who want to turn their dog into one of the most powerful wizards ever, Dumbledore. Your dog will instantly become a very talented wizard when they don this costume!

4 DIY Harry Potter Dog Costumes

DIY Harry Potter Dog Costume

Get your dog ready to take on the dark lord this Halloween with this impressive Harry Potter costume guide! This DIY tutorial lists everything that you need and gives you step-by-step instructions to turn your dog into the very powerful wizard you’ve always pictured them as!

DIY Harry Potter Puppy Costume

Immediately transform your dog into the boy who lived with this quick and easy Harry Potter costume! This guide shows you how to create the perfect dog costume from household items and clothing that will impress all your friends. You’ll be the most creative dog owner in town when you craft this awesome costume!

Homemade Harry Potter Pet Costume

Show off your DIY skills this Halloween with this supreme Harry Potter dog costume! This tutorial is short but sweet and explains everything that needs to be done to effectively turn your furry little friend into the wizard who’s ready to take down Voldemort. All your friends will be amazed when they see your dog dressed in this impressive homemade costume!

Harry Pawter Pet Costume

Prepare your furry little friend for Hogwarts this Halloween with this unbelievable Harry Potter costume! This very recognizable costume is completed with a lightning bolt to make your dog distinguishable at any event this Halloween. Your little best friend will have the most incredible homemade costume when you suit him up in this remarkable outfit!

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