Harley Quinn and Mr. J Couples Costume


Suicide Squad fans will love these Harley Quinn and The Joker costumes. There was quite a bit of DIY that went into these costumes, especially with the Harley Quinn costume and with their makeup. Job extremely well done for both, they look like they just walked off set!

Harley Quinn and Mr. J Couples Costume

A message from Sondra, the creator of the ‘Harley Quinn and Mr. J’ couples costume:

My husband is the joker and I am Harley. This was from 2015, before the movie was released. Both costumes are homemade.

I purchased metallic materials and sewed the shorts. The shirt was plain white and I painted the arm stripes and stenciled daddy’s Lil monster on the front. I had dark brown hair and actually bleached it to be able to have a more authentic look with the blue and pink on the tips.

Quinn Mr. J Baseball Bat

The gun is a fake gun.

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