Green Fairy Costume and Makeup


This green fairy costume looks like something out of a fairytale. The makeup is very well done and is what makes this costume look so real. You can tell that lots of time and effort went into making sure that every detail is spot on to make it look like something out the movies!

Green Fairy Costume and Makeup

A message from Elizabeth, the creator of the ‘Green Fairy’ costume:

For this costume I chose to be a fairy. I didn’t get the full outfit it but I am very proud of the work I did on my prosthetic vines and leaves throughout my face which were created using synwax then painted over with mehron brand paint. It cost me over $50 to purchase all the professional items I needed.

Most of the synwax is held to my face using spirit gum/glue which if u ever purchase, make sure u get the remover too because it barely comes off ur skin at all without it. Good thing I chose to order it.

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