Godoka Cosplay Costume


If anyone’s a fan of the Puella Magi animé then you’ll surely love this costume. Based on the goddess of the protagonist of this popular series, Godoka will absolutely catch everyone’s attention and stand out this Halloween. Even those who aren’t familiar with the series will be amazed by this costume!

Godoka Cosplay Costume

A message from Sarah, the creator of the ‘Godoka’ costume:

I have made this costume in it’s entirety and I am wearing it in the photos I’ve provided. This was my first time making a full costume from scratch and I’m extremely proud of it. I got the idea to make this costume from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The girl I’m cosplaying is Godoka, the goddess form of the main character Madoka Kaname. Throughout the series she spreads friendship and love and is very caring towards all of the characters.

I made my own pattern for the dress to make it exactly how I wanted it to look. It took a long time to sew, glue, and put every little piece together. I made the wings from foam and painted the pink fade on it and even added white stars. The ruffles on the dress are hand ruffled and I even had to make extra trips to Hobby Lobby to get extra fabric. For the wig I’m wearing, I bought two wigs, the second one I cut the wefts out of and sewed into the other.

side view

cosplay costume

The purple satin part of the third skirt layer has silver gemstones hand glued all over it. The bow my stepdad helped me make out of wood and I painted it and glue a giant flower on top. All in all, this costume means the world to me and being able to say I made this costume makes me very proud.

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