Genius Hulk Hogan Costume


Newly single after 7 years of couples costumes, I needed to have a look this year that was outside of the ironic over-sized onsies or skimpy ensembles that are the norm for single women in 2016. “”Not me”” I thought to myself… “”I want to be DIFFERENT””.

In my quest to win Halloween, I delved into the depths of google images in search of the perfect costume. I thought about painting my face, or applying some gruesome wounds, and I eventually began brainstorming on costumes based on my blonde hair. And then it hit me.

Hulk Hogan Costume


Original. Check.
Bootilicous. Check.
Hilarious. Check.

I assembled the look with various amazon purchases, and a costume mustache that I applied with spirit gum. I already owned the red Chuck Taylors.

Hulk Hogan

Props to men with mustaches- I have no idea how you can eat or drink on a regular basis with that on your upper lip.

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