38 Funniest Adult Halloween Costumes of 2016


Halloween is all about having fun, right? So it is fantastic when you are able to raise a few smiles with the costume that you wear. Here we have gathered together some of the funniest Halloween costumes of 2016 to help you find the one that will make you and your friends laugh!

These adult Halloween costumes are hilarious! If you don’t like serious or scary costumes, you’ll love all these funny costume ideas.

Banana Costume

This fun looking one piece banana skin costume is perfect for those of you that want a bit of fun and silliness from your costume. The costume comes with the one piece banana suit for you to wear.

Adult Stuart Minion Costume

The security guard won’t stand a chance when you sneak up on him in this funny and scary five nights at freddy’s chica costume. This is an officially licensed costume and includes Plush costume top, Mitts, Mask

Watermelon Costume

Now who wouldn’t love to dress as a watermelon and now with this fantastically funny costume you can. It looks just like the real thing and comes with the one piece watermelon design costume.

Donkey Kong Costume

Donkey kong the iconic barrel throwing ape that keeps mario on his toes. This donkey kong costume is just the thing for those retro gamers out there. This hilarious costume Includes, Jumpsuit, Tie, Headpiece.

Inflatable Japanese Samurai Costume

This funny inflatable japanese Samurai costume is perfect for halloween. Have your friends howling with laughter as you show up in this great costume. The costume is made from high quality waterproof polyester and requires 4 AA batteries

Frank The Sausage Costume

Who can forget the Rugrats and especially their leader tommy. With this Tommy rugrats adult costume you can dress up as the iconic character. The costume Includes, Shirt, Diaper, Cap, Screwdriver

Inflatable Hula Dancer Costume

Show everyone your fun side with this hilarious inflatable hula dancer. This costume comes with battery pack and requires 4 AA batteries. The costume is made from hight quality waterproof polyester.

TweedleDee / Tweedledum Costume

No one will be able to touch you in this fantastic MC Hammer costume. The costume includes colorful jacket and his iconic parachute pants. There is just time for me to stop hammertime.

Bob’s Burgers Gene Costume

Dr Seuss created the cat in the hat and it went on to become one of his most famous characters. Now with this officially licensed costume you can dress up as the cat in the hat and wow your friends at your halloween party. The costume Includes, Romper with bow.

Dinosaur Jockey Costume

Why ride a horse when you can ride a dinosaur. This brilliant dinosaur jockey costume will have everyone in fits of laughter as you race into the party on the back of this great costume. The costume is well made and requires 4AA batteries to inflate the costume

Jeff The Killer Morphsuit

This handmade loch ness monster costume certainly looks the part with its vibrant blue color, this is one nessie that won’t mind getting its picture taken. The costume is made from the following Materials: eco felt, wire, polyester batting, extra durable zipper

Inflatable Scotsman

This larger than life inflatable scotsman costume is just the thing to get your halloween party going. This hilarious costume will get everyone a great mood for a party and you will be the hero of the day. The costume Includes an inflatable bodysuit with elasticated hems to ensure full inflation. Requires 4 AA batteries to inflate

Foam Finger Costume

Cher from clueless she was beautiful, sassy and always dressed to impress and now you can emulate her with this handmade replica of her on screen yellow tartan outfit. The outfit includes the jacket and skirt and is perfect for any fans of the clueless film.

Soccer Ball Costume

Everyone loves soccer and now you can show your love of the beautiful game with this Soccer ball costume. You definitely won’t be scoring an own goal with this excellent costume. The costume includes a black and white round inflatable bodysuit with elasticated hems to ensure full inflation.

Sam I Am Costume

Green eggs and ham go well with Sam i am and with this officially licensed Dr Seuss costume you will go well with him as well. The great bright and colorful costume is a must for Dr Seuss fans. The costume Includes, Tunic, Pants, Hat, Sign, Tray

Iron’ Man Costume

Tell your friends that you will be coming to the party as iron man and then watch them fall on the floor laughing when you turn up as a literal iron man. This costume is great for those with that quirky sense of humor. The costume Includes a silver foamed laminated fabric tunic cut in to an iron shape.

Wind Up Monkey Costume

You will have the cutest costume at the party with this wind up monkey costume. It looks great and is perfect for any halloween party. The costume Includes, Dress, Attached tail, Attached turn key

Deluxe Apple Costume

An apple a day makes a great costume. This great looking bright red apple costume is just perfect for any kind of fancy dress party. This costume looks so good that you will be the core of the party. The costume is made from 100 percent polyester and includes the dress and hat.

Hot Dog & Bun Duo

If you are looking for a couples costume that is going to have all of your friends laughing, then look no further because this hot dog and bun costume is the perfect choice! The two matching costumes are supplied together – one juicy hot dog tunic and one hot dog bun dress.

Catch of The Day Costume

If you are THAT guy who is always going around proclaiming to the ladies what a good catch you are, then you are going to love this hilarious costume! This ‘one size fits all’ costume includes a printed fisherman’s vest, a hat, prop fish and an ID tag that rather cheekily reads ‘Master Baiter’! This is one for the grown ups!

Pickle Costume

There is something strange, but amusing about people dressed as food – some foods are just funnier than others as well. We think this particular costume is likely to tickle your pickle! This unisex costume includes a one piece tunic with a pickle design.

Blow Me Costume

Well, blow me! This is one amusing costume! If you are the sort of person who enjoys a good play on words then you are going to love this costume which will allow you to transform yourself into a box of kleenex!

USA Flag Skin

Get ready to take your Patriotism to a whole new level with this American Flag costume. We have all seen those Star spangled dresses and ponchos, but this is something far funnier! A skin tight ‘morph suit’ that will drape your entire body in the stars and stripes from your head all the way down to your toes!

Fat Skeleton Costume

Do you remember watching the Animaniacs? They were probably amongst the zaniest of all cartoon characters! Now you can channel their amusing antics by dressing up for Halloween in this Wakko animaniacs dress which is supplied complete with an attached tail and a cute headband with Animaniac ears!

Taco Costume

If you wish every day was Taco Tuesday, then you are going to love this costume! Make all of your friends smile in this beef taco outfit. The polyester ‘one size fits most’ costume is designed to look just like a hard shell taco that is stuffed with beef and crispy lettuce. You will be the life of any Halloween fiesta!

Deviled Egg

Here is another amusing costume which is designed to be a play on words. It gives a whole new meaning to Deviled Eggs! It includes a foam fried egg tunic which is embellished with devil horns and tail. You will certainly raise a smile when you turn up dressed in this costume!

Walrus Costume

We don’t know about you, but this Walrus costume certainly makes us giggle! The furry jumpsuit is supplied with its own matching Walrus head complete with long tusks. The jumpsuit also has an attached tail, mitts and shoe covers to complete your look. The mask features large eyes with mesh openings to allow you to see where you are going!


Beer Pong Costume

You will definitely be the life and soul of the party in this hilarious Beer Pong costume this Halloween. The costume consists of a wood effect tunic shaped like a table with cups attached for the Beer Pong element. One size should fit most adults and everyone will love your costume.

Good Clean Fun Costume

There are so many risque Halloween costumes out there, that sometimes all we need is some good clean fun! That is just what you get with this amusing costume featuring a shower cap and inflatable bathtub with an attached rubber duck!

Peas in a Pod Outfit

How funny is this Peas in a Pod costume? The costume includes a pea pod tunic and then you simply need to inflate and insert the supplied balloons to create the peas in order to complete your look! We are pretty certain that nobody will have the same costume at your party!

Narwhal Costume

Narwhals the unicorns of the sea and just as cute. This all in one Narwhal costume is just perfect for those nice and sweet halloween parties. The costume includes a one piece narwhal costume.

Ostrich Rider

You won’t need to bury your head in the sand with this ostrich rider costume. The costume will liven up any party and have everyone in stitches as you ride in on your magnificent steed. This inflatable costume require 4 AA batteries to inflate.

Poop Emoji Costume

Every man is called a big baby at some point in their life, so why not show everyone just how big a baby that you are with this great colorful baby onesie costume. The costume has a rubber duck design and front zipper making it easy to put on and take off.

Hamster Rap Costume

Rappers are cool and let’s be honest a hamster rapper costume would be the shizzle. This funny and cute hamster rapper costume will make any party fun. The costume comes with hamster head and hands

Winking Emoji

Show your funny and creative side with this excellent box of crayons costume. This colorful costume is perfect for halloween or any fancy dress party. The costume includes, One crayon box costume, Hat

Gingerbread Warrior

Become a strong and dangerous warrior with a sweet side with this Gingerbread warrior costume. Protect the rest of the biscuits and lead them to freedom or just go to the halloween party and have a good time your choice. The costume includes Jumpsuit and headpiece with angry face.

Turn On Costume

Nerds aren’t supposed to be cool, but with this hipster nerd costume you certainly will be. Just remember the nerd will inherit the earth, but the hipster one will steal the party. The costume Includes, Shirt, Pants, Suspenders, Bow tie

It’s About to Hit The Fan!

When it hits the fan things usually go bad, but with this costume when it hits the fan it’s a good thing because this is one great costume. No longer will you be wanting to be number 1, number 2 will be your choice. The costume comes with Foam fan with #2’s scattered around.

8 Funny Adult DIY Halloween Costumes

Killer Dragging a Body DIY

This super creative costume certainly made us laugh, but it probably does require a bit of a dark sense of humour! It uses make up and props to create a spectacular creepy illusion that a crazed killer has just claimed a new victim and is dragging the body away! The creator talks us through how to replicate this as a DIY costume.

Alien Spaceship DIY

How cute is this alien spaceship costume? Here it is shown as a child’s costume, but there is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t simply scale it up a little to be worn by an adult. We are especially impressed by the lights – even more so when we learned that the spaceship itself is made of cardboard and tinfoil!

Trolls DIY

Did you grow up playing with trolls? If so then you are going to love these DIY Troll costumes! They are so easy for you to replicate using a plain t-shirt and some coloured hair spray in a matching shade!

LEGO Minifigs DIY

These DIY Mini Fig costumes are just awesome! They are really simple to make and yet the end result is so effective. We love how they each have a different facial expression!

Big Bird DIY

If you need a quick idea for Halloween, but you can’t or don’t want to wear a full costume then check out the tutorial for this funny Big Bard ball cap! It is quirky and fun and best of all you are likely to have most of the stuff lying around anyway!

Powerpuff Girls DIY

Another classic cartoon that has seen a reboot and therefore a renewed interest in the characters is of course, The Powerpuff Girls. This DIY tutorial will show you how to create your own Powerpuff Girls outfits which we think are highly amusing on grown ups!

Zoolander DIY

Zoolander is one of the most amusing characters ever! Now you can recreate his look with ease this Halloween thanks to the tips in this guide. All you need is some make-up and a patterned headband.

Taco Costume DIY

Again this costume is shown for a child, but it will work just as well in adult sizing too! This funny Taco costume is made primarily using colorful felt and as the tutorial demonstrates, you do not even need to sew it! That’s a win win situation in our book!

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