Flawless Zombie Bride Costume


I have been a HUGE Walking Dead fan since the show started and I always wanted to dress up as one of the bloody scary zombies for Halloween. So this year 2016, I went for it!

Zombie Bride Costume

I bought the dress at the store but it did not look the way it does in the photo. I sprayed black paint all over it, zombie dirt (yes, there is such thing as zombie dirt..lol) and I threw blood all over it.

Zombie Bride

I did all of my makeup myself and got my ideas from Pinterest and Youtube videos. When I wore it to work many people didn’t know it was me and some even jumped when they saw me..lol. It was awesome! I had a great time with my costume choice this year. I will always dress up for Halloween no matter my age.

Zombie Bride Woman

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