12 Beyond Adorable Ewok Dog Costumes (ermahgerd!)


Star Wars and dog lovers come together this Halloween with these adorable Ewok dog costumes! These light and comfy Ewok costumes will make your furry little friends the most adorable pets at any event this Halloween and will show off how big of a Star Wars fan you really are. When you suit your dog up in one of these costumes you’ll both be ready for whatever adventure might happen in your galaxy!

Ewok Dog Costume

Prepare your little companion for the battle of Endor this Halloween with this cute Ewok costume! This costume is actually custom made for both cats and dogs to fit them perfectly. They’ll be ready to take on any stormtroopers or other dark side enemies who might enter their territory when they’re wearing this costume!

Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume

Take your dog to a galaxy far, far away with this loveable little Ewok costume! The dark brown jacket and headpiece will instantly transform your cuddly companion into the cute Ewok that you’ve always pictured them as. You’ll also be a great owner for making your dog look so cute!

Ewok Dog Hat

Send your dog off to combat this Halloween with this comfy Ewok hat! It’s very lightweight and breathable so your dog can comfortably go all night wearing this headpiece without having to worry about overheating. This hat is a must have for all Star Wars lovers who want to quickly turn their dog into a sweet little Ewok!

Ewok Dog Halloween Costume

Immediately become the coolest Star Wars fan and dog owner in the galaxy when you gear your dog up in this amazing Ewok costume! It easily slips over your dogs head and stays snugly in place to turn your dog into the Star Wars character that you’ve always wanted to own!

Ewok Inspired Dog Costume

This Ewok inspired dog costume is great for Star Wars fans looking for an outfit for every member of the family this year! This handmade costume made from fur is perfect for most small breed dogs and will keep them adorable and comfortable. You’ll have the cutest dog around when you slip this costume on!

Ewok Costume

Dress your dog up in style this Halloween with this fancy Ewok costume! Made from higher quality materials, this costume is perfect for dog lovers who want their furry friend to be the best looking Star Wars character this year. Your dog will have a better costume than some people do when you suit them up in this cute costume!

6 DIY Ewok Dog Costumes

Ewok Dog Costume Patterns

Take your dog on an adventure far, far away this Halloween when you dress them in a homemade Ewok costume! This extremely instructive tutorial shows you exactly what you need, where to cut, and where to sew to make the most adorable costume your furry little friend will ever wear!

Ewok Costume

Transform your little companion into the Ewok that they’ve always destined to be with this sweet costume! This short but sweet tutorial informs you how to create a cute little costume out of a teddy bear by removing the stuffing. You’ll feel creative making this costume and you’ll definitely have the cutest dog this Halloween!

Star Wars Costumes for Dogs

Prepare your dog for any battle this Halloween with this quick and easy DIY Ewok costume tutorial! This blog actually includes bonus Princess Leia and Darth Vader dog costume tutorials as well allowing you to chose which side of the force you represent! You’ll be true to your allegiance when you dress your dog up in any of these costumes!

Easy Ewok Dog Costume Tutorial

Let your dog explore the forests on the moon of Endor with this very easy Ewok costume guide! This no-sew guide will allow you to create an incredible costume for your little friend by making a few cuts and using yarn rather than sewing making this the perfect last minute costume for your dog!

DIY Ewok Pet Costume

Create the best DIY Ewok dog costume this Halloween and let them light up the party with this awesome tutorial! This easy guide requires a bit of sewing that’ll result in a quality full body dog costume that’ll trick everyone into believing that your furry little friend had a role in the original Star Wars movies!

DIY Ewok Dog Costumes

Glide your dog through Endor and the rest of the galaxy this Halloween with this Ewok costume tutorial! This very simple no-sew guide only requires a few cuts that’ll effectively create a superb and comfy Ewok costume for your little companion. You’ll amaze all your friends when you show them how effective simplicity can be with this costume!

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