Wicked Lady – Evil Chibiusa (Sailor Moon R)


Me (Emily) as the Wicked Lady for Fan Expo. I made the costume, accessories and wig myself (with Arda wigs products) but the split maxi skirt underneath is from Blackmilk Clothing (very fitting for a black moon sailor moon character). The costume was made using sheer black fabric with red metallic shimmer within the fabric wrapped around a cheap black corset by sewing/gluing it.

evil chibusa sailor moon costume

The sleeves were cut from an old red sheer shirt and sewed to the arm openings of the corset. The wrist cuffs and collar were made using stretchy black fabric and plastic crystal-like jewels. The shoes are cheap pumps painted red. The wig was made with Arda wigs products. I bought a pigtail style wig and 2 long hair pieces in matching colours. I made the cone shaped buns with Styrofoam, hairspray, bobby pins, and hot glue. I sewed the long hair pieces to hide the separation under the buns. The shawl is made with loose red sheer fabric. The blue and red fabric were loose and tied to my waist under the black skirt. Most of my makeup: eyes are mostly covered in a blue toned silver from the discontinued toki doki adios palette, colours from the vice 3 urban decay palette, a bit of black rainbow from the beauty killer palette, blue moon from anastasia moonchild for inner corner highlight, and erotic by colourpop for red accents (which can’t be seen because my wig is covering them).

wicked lady

Water line and over drawn eyes are lined with drug lord liquid lipstick, liquid liner and drawn lashline is Kat von d tattoo liner, lashes are house of lashes iconic lashes, mascara is urban decay canon ball. Brows are filled with jeffree star doll parts liquid lipstick, contour is colour pop sculpting stick bloom and too faced chocolate soleil bronzer, highlight is anastasia moonchild glow kit star and blue moon, lips are jeffree star in unicorn blood.

sailor moon hair and makeup

I drew the black crescent with an old urban decay 24/7 liner (I didnt wanna waste the kat von d stuff). Red circle lenses are from pinky paradise.

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