40 Easy Halloween Make Up Tutorials


The right make up can really make or break your Halloween costume. If you have been online looking for Halloween costume ideas, then the chances are fair that you have seen some truly amazing make up looks and transformations. The good news is that you do not have to be a professional make up artist to produce these looks. We have curated some easy, yet effective Halloween make up ideas for you to try.

These are some super helpful (and easy) Halloween makeup tutorials!

Halloween Bat Mask Tutorial

This metallic bat mask is gorgeous and could be used for a wide variety of costumes that require some kind of mask. It is a really stunning look, and yet it is also pretty easy to actually achieve! No specialist make up is required, you probably already have most of the items in your make up kit.

Venriloquist Doll Make Up Tutorial

There is something distinctly creepy about a ventriloquist doll which makes it ideal for Halloween! This easy tutorial shows you how to create a creepy make up look to go with your costume, complete with freckles, rosy cheeks and the all important hinged jaw!

Tiger Halloween Make Up Tutorial

Animals are always a popular choice around Halloween and a big favourite is always the tiger. All of those striped markings might look very difficult, but this make up tutorial will explain how to replicate those stripes with ease!

Queen Elsa Makeup

It has been a few years now since Frozen first launched, but its popularity shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, so there is still time to get your chance to place the snow queen herself – Elsa! This tutorial will show you how to replicate Elsa’s dramatic eye makeup!

Scary Clown Make up Tutorial

Clowns are pretty scary anyway, but this easy tutorial will show you how to do clown make up that is particularly creepy. The best part is that it encourages you to use cheap drug store make up which is always good since you do not want to waste good make up on a one time look!

Taxidemy Deer Makeup Tutorial

If you have a dark sense of humour then you will love the Taxidermy deer costume! What really makes it is the make up and although it is very effective, it is also pretty easy to do with this easy to follow tutorial.

Easy Mermaid Make Up

If you have been seeing those beautiful fish scale mermaid looks on Pinterest and Instagram lately then like most of us you will likely be very impressed! What if we told you that this is actually one of the easiest make up looks to replicate? The secret is using fishnet stockings as a template for your scales!

Easy Halloween Make Up Using Just Liner

If your make up skills are not the best, or if you have simply left it far to late to start planning a costume then you are going to love this easy Halloween make up tutorial which demonstrates how to make 4 different looks using just an eyeliner and not much else! Choose between a pirate, a kitty cat, cobweb cutie and Betty Boop.

Red Queen Alice in Wonderland Make Up

A really easy, yet striking make up look for Halloween is Tim Burton’s take on the red queen. With that over the top eye make up, bold beauty spot and cupie doll lips this is a fabulous look for Halloween and it is also one that is really easy to replicate!

Spider Queen Make Up Tutorial

This Spider queen make up looks very elaborate, but in reality it is just a bold eye make up look with some spider web décor added and with a little bit of practice pretty much anyone would be able to pull this off. It is a very striking look that is going to set off your costume perfectly.

Sugar Skull Halloween Make Up Tutorial

Sugar Skull make up is one of those looks that everyone assumes is going to be really hard. However, despite it looking quite intricate, it can actually be really easy to put together. This tutorial will help you to perfect your sugar skull technique.

Ziggy Stardust Make Up Look

If you are stuck for a Halloween costume this year then why not get inspired by this fantastic Ziggy Stardust look. The iconic lightning bolt is something everyone recognises – Bowie was rocking it before Harry Potter came along! If you can perfect the make up, you can put together an outfit later!

David Bowie Make Up Tutorial

The loss of David Bowie is still felt keenly by his fans all over the world, so why not pay tribute to him this Halloween with this very easy Bowie inspired look from the Ziggy Stardust era. It is very striking, but not all that difficult to achieve.

Drax The Destroyer Make Up Tutorial

If you are a fan of Guardians of The Galaxy then you are going to love this Drax the Destroyer tutorial. It is actually for body painting since Drax has green skin, but as you will see it is actually a lot easier than you might think! You should definitely give this a go at some point.

Easy Scarecrow Make Up Tutorial

A scarecrow is a really easy costume to put together at the last minute and with this easy to follow Scarecrow make up tutorial you can give your costume the ideal finishing touches. It uses some orange eyeshadow/blush and then adds some stitched effects using an eyeliner pencil. Super easy and yet very effective!

Pixelated Makeup Tutorial

This is a unique and interesting Halloween make up tutorial which has lots of uses. It shows how to create a pixelated look, like a frozen Skype call, or interrupted TV feed, but we can also see how it could be put to use for a Minecraft inspired costume too!

Black Widow Make Up Tutorial

This is a spooky yet glamorous look that is not all that difficult to achieve. The black widow is glamorous even behind her tears at yet another husbands funeral – after all, you never know when your next victim could be around the corner!

Vintage Zombie Make Up Tutorial

What is so vintage about this Zombie look? Well, quite simply it was inspired by older zombie movies from a time when only make up was used to create the undead look rather than all the prosthetics and special effects make up used today.

Mime Costume Make Up Tutorial

If you are in need of a last minute Halloween costume, then a mime is a great option. The costume is easy to pull together and so is the make up look, which is really what brings it all together. This tutorial will help you to achieve that look.

Glam Harley Quinn Make Up Tutorial

With the release of Suicide Squad there is a renewed interest in Harley Quinn as a costume choice, especially now that she has a sexy new look. This tutorial will walk you through doing the new red and blue make up look that Harley is sporting these days.

American Horror Story Weeping Nun tutorial

If you are a fan of American Horror Story, then you may remember this creepy image from a few season back? This demonic weeping nun appeared in the promotional materials for American Horror Story : Asylum. Now you can recreate the look with this easy Halloween make up tutorial.

Mermaid Make Up Tutorial

We have already featured one Mermaid make up tutorial on the list, but it is always good to have a couple of options to choose from. This one also uses the fishnet stockings trick to create those pretty fish scales. Isn’t it pretty?

Porcelain Doll Make Up Tutorial

Dolls are one thing that really creep a lot of people out, so dressing up as a porcelain doll is a great idea for Halloween! This porcelain doll tutorial will help you to perfect that creepy doll look and give your costume the perfect finishing touches.

Glam Ring Master Make Up

This is one of our favourite make up looks we have come across so far – the glamorous circus ring master! It is all about glitter and dramatic eyes. Even although it looks a little complicated, you are sure to be able to recreate it thanks to this helpful tutorial.

Easier Than It Looks Owl Make Up

This Owl make up tutorial looks very difficult, after all it uses feathers and all sorts! However, it is actually much easier to achieve than it looks. Some of the best Halloween make up is very simple and this is one of those looks.

Easy Minion Make Up Tutorial

This make up look is fun and easy to replicate. Who doesn’t love those adorable little yellow minions? If you are new to using body paint or face paints then this is a great starting point since it is a very simple look with an easy tutorial for you to follow.

Roy Lichtenstein Make Up Tutorial

Turn your face into a walking work of art with this easy to follow tutorial. Everyone recognises Roy Lichtenstein’s crying woman piece and this tutorial is going to help you to recreate that look for Halloween. The pop art style is easy to do even if you are not particularly artistic.

Gorgeous Ghost Make Up Tutorial

A ghost is always an excellent choice of costume at Halloween, after all this holiday is all about being spooky! However, just because you are going to be a ghost, that doesn’t mean hiding yourself under a sheet! This tutorial will show you how to become a hauntingly beautiful ghost with this easy make up look.

Weeping Nun Make Up Tutorial

This creepy weeping nun make up look is just perfect for Halloween. It is a very effective and very spooky look, but it is also incredibly easy to achieve. Just follow this easy tutorial and you will be able to recreate this look.

Easy Fake Burns Make Up

Special effects make up is not always as difficult as it looks. This easy tutorial will show you how to create some pretty realistic fake burns which can be a great addition to a wide range of Halloween costumes.

Simple Sugar Skull Make Up

This tutorial will teach you how to create a very simple Sugar Skull make up look using face paints or make up. It is shown as a children’s look but it is one which is ideal for people of all ages. The great thing is that not only do you not need any particular make up skills, but you can also change up the colours to suit your costume.

The Crow Face Paint Tutorial

One Halloween make up look which is very easy to achieve is this fantastic one from The Crow! Somehow this look is always that little bit more creepy due to the fact that Brandon Lee died on the set of the movie wearing this very make up look.

Easy Lion Make Up

Animal inspired make up looks always seem to be complicated but they really are not too difficult to achieve, This lion face painting tutorial is meant for children but will also look great worn by an adult..

15 Minute Jack Skellington MakeUp

If thee is one character who epitomises Halloween, then surely it has to be Jack Skellington! He is after all, the King of Halloweentown! This tutorial will show you how to create a fantastic Jack Skellington look in just 15 minutes.

Beautiful Butterfly Make Up

This cute and girly Butterfly make up look is so pretty and it is also really easy to achieve. This easy to follow tutorial will walk you through all of the steps required to make this beautiful make up look your own.

Easy Jack O Lantern Make Up

Nothing says Halloween like a Jack o Lantern! This easy make up tutorial will show you how to create an adorable pumpkin inspired make up look that is perfect for children and adults alike.

Day of the Dead Make up Tutorial

This Day of The Dead make up tutorial is perfect for celebrating Halloween or the Day of the Dead. The easy to follow tutorial is fully illustrated to make it easy to follow even for those not very experienced with make up.

Easy Old Witch Make Up

The great thing about Halloween is that you get to undergo a transformation! This easy tutorial is going to help you to do exactly that as you transform yourself into a wizened old witch!

Annabelle Make Up Tutorial

Dolls do not get much creepier than the infamous Annabelle! Do you dare to use this tutorial to recreate that iconic creepy doll look this Halloween? This is a great tutorial for those who are interested in trying out spirit gum effects for the first time.

Lady Beetlejuice Make Up Tutorial

One of the great things about Halloween is being able to tale characters and twist them to suit yourself. This includes gender swaps of many iconic characters. This easy to follow Lady Beetlejuice tutorial does exactly that and we think that the finished result is just beautiful!

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