Duct Tape Transformers Group Costume


This guy went all out on creating these Transformer costumes for his friends and they are spectacular. Made from just duct tape and cardboard, these Transformers look like they’re ready for action. You wouldn’t want to mess with this group this Halloween!

Duct Tape Transformers Group Costume

A message from Thomas, the submitter of the ‘Duct Tape Transformer’ group costume:

Hello my name is Thomas Headley and to start off its hard to say who is wearing each one in each of these pictures but I’m always the one in the red white and blue one (Optimus Prime) but the reason its hard to say is because different people wear them each time.

I am however the person who has made each and everyone you see in the pictures. My inspiration is from the original Transformers cartoon i grew up watching as a kid.

Transformers Group Of Three Transformers Crouching Transformers Victory Pose Transformers Serious Transformers Group Shot Transformers Outside

The materials used to make them is all duct tape and cardboard. All together there is 24 total and Ive bean making them for the past 4 years.

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