Duct Tape Frozen Queen Elsa Costume


This costume is a unique take on the Frozen craze that has amazed Disney fans all over the world. It is made out of duct tape which gives it a very unique and shiny look that’ll impress anyone who saw the animated film. The Queen of Arendelle has never looked so cute!

Duct Tape Frozen Queen Elsa Costume

A message from Tena, the submitter of the ‘Frozen Elsa’ costume:

During the craze of the Disney movie Frozen, my daughter wanted to be Elsa for Halloween.

Because so any of her friends were also dressing up as Elsa I wanted her costume to be one of a kind… so I made it entirely out of duct tape, and had a friend crochet the hair piece.

how to make an elsa costume

I made about 300 individual triangular petals and layered them for the top portion of the dress then added glitter glue to make it shine, and the cape is attached with velcro so it can be removed as needed.

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