DIY Handsy Donald Trump Costume


The presidential elections and Trumps outrageous behavior and comments about women made me want to represent him just for who he really is…..a boobie, crotch grabbing sexist hahaha!

I crafted the entire costume myself. His head is stuffed with bubble wrap and I attached the body with safety pins, my suit jacket and a beach umbrella rod stuck through his head. The rod is then duct taped to a black belt that I am wearing around my waist. Trumps hands are bloody because I could only find bloody Halloween hands haha! One of his ands is stuffed down my dress groping my boob and the other hand is stuck to my crotch.

donald trump handsy costume

I am also holding “Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech” so I could be Melania or Ivanka. And I was handing out a roll of Trump campaign stickers.

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