DIY Whacky Inflatable Tube Man Costume for Kids


You know those tall, brightly colored guys dancing in front of car dealerships? Their big, cute smiles & their bodies flailing all around? Most people call them air dancers. My 3 year old son Leo absolutely loves them & calls them “Windman.” We took Leo to the store but none of the costumes there would do, he had to have a beloved Windman! Could this costume be bought? Nope! Daddy & Mommy had to put their thinking caps on with this one. We ended up buying a pop up hamper for the body, perfect size for a 3 year old, but they only had pink ones, Leo requested a blue Windman. We picked out some blue material glued it to the hamper, cut some arm holes so his arms could come out to collect treats! Cut eye holes for him to see out of & also found some great googly eyes because Windman needs eyes too! (Turns out it’s absolutely hilarious how they roll all around when our son dances in the costume)


He needed hair as was well so we glued on pipe cleaners & covered those with felt so it would look more Windman hair shaped. To top it all off found a outfit that matched the blue material for his arm & legs. Putting this all together after having the materials took about 2 hours gluing everything was a bit of a task. It was all well worth it in the end our son loved his costume & nobody else had anything like it. People’s reactions were great, they would get great big smiles & chuckle at it especially when he’d dance in it to look like Windman!

Windman. costume submitted by Sam J.

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