DIY Ursula Costume for 2 Year Old Girl


This is my two year old daughter. We are a Disney family, and she has just about every princess dress possible. When we were going through them to decide which one to use for Halloween, she declared that she wanted to be a “BOO!”, which is her name for Disney Villains. She wanted to be Ursula!

Sea Witch

Of course there are no standard “Ursula” costumes, so I searched for some inspiration. I cut the basic tentacle shape, hand stitched elastic down the middle to get a curved look and then stitched them up and used poly-fil. I attached them to a ribbon so they could be easily put on and taken off with car seats, naps, etc. I stitched a piece of fabric on a black t-shirt, made her eel pets, and painted a glowing seashell for catching the Little Mermaids voice! The attitude came with the kid!

Sea Witch

Sea Witch

Sea Witch costume submitted by Catherine P.

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