DIY Trophy Buck Dog Costume


I always think of my little chi as a little deer so that was my inspiration..Her name is,Bella 2 yr old chihauhau she is always game for anything I want to pun intended..but its homemade I think those are always the best costumes because people really put effort and alot of thought into what to do and how to make it I used cardboard and felt for the plaque and an antler ornament I tore apart and used my hot glue gun to attach them to the plaque and dont forget she is wearing real false eye lashes no photo shopping here now what dog would let u put false eye lashes on them..thats basically it it came together exactly as I wanted it to and everyone just went crazy over her in it..she is very sweet and a good sport in these kind of events..she will always be my first prize possesion win or lose ..

Trophy Buck

Trophy Buck costume submitted by Jen B.

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