DIY Stranger Things Joyce Byers and Wall Couples Costume


After watching Stranger Things, my boyfriend and I were moved by Joyce Byers and her unwavering determination to find her son, Will, so our couples costume is a tribute to her and the wall that kept her hopes alive (all for under $15!)

Joyce Byers and Wall

I am Joyce (right), dressed in her mom-chic olive green button-up shirt while tangled in the rotary dial phone cord. The striped shirt and button-up shirt were both borrowed from others’ closets for $0 and the authentic 80’s phone was found at the thrift store for $3.

On the left is my boyfriend, dressed as the floral-printed wall in Joyce’s home that she “redecorates” with Christmas lights and a black painted alphabet in order to communicate with Will. The wallpaper print shirt was $8 at the thrift store and the lights were $3 at another thrift store. We used acrylic paint from my craft bin and large safety pins to hang the lights onto the shirt.

Will Joyce ever find her son? Will she need to buy new wallpaper soon? Stay tuned and find out!

Joyce Byers and Wall costume submitted by Hai H.

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