Incredible DIY Rubik’s Cube Costume


Hi my name is Linda & the one wearing the Rubik’s Cube costume is my son Andrew. His diy costume was made with Foam bored, construction paper, gorilla tape, screws & velcro.

Rubiks cube

What inspired me to make this Rubiks Cube costume? My son Andrew is in love with Rubik’s cubes, by the way he is only 11 years old, he has all kinds of different shape & sizes of Rubiks cubes he is always on Amazon looking for different kinds to try to match them. Give him the regular Rubik’s & he will match it for you in 2 mins top also the pyramid one! He loves them & that is the reason for this costume. Hope you guys vote for my son & hope you guys enjoy his costume. Thanks

Rubiks cube costume submitted by Linda.

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