DIY Retro Kid Flash Costume


I am wearing this costume in the pictures. I made it with my sewing machine, needleand thread, hot glue, fleece, a pair of thrifted shoes, and elastic. Ever since i started watching Young Justice I fell in love with the Kid Flash character, I just knew I had to make this costume for holoween this year. I started out by making pants and a shirt and attatching them together, when that failed I tried again, and when that failed I tried again and again. Finally I had two really good suits, so I cut off the shirt from one and the pants from the other and attached them and POW!! Bodysuit done. Then I made the symbol with white fleece and red felt and attached it to the bodysuit. Then I got to work on the boots.

Kid Flash, My Style

I failed a couple of time and burned myself quite a bit, but I managed to get the fleece onto the shoes, and added some details. Finally, I made the mask with a mask template I found on line and added two lighting bolts to the sids and added an elastic strap to keep it on my head. I am very happy with it and can’t wait to make my costume next year.( I am 14, just thought you would like to know :) )

Kid Flash, My Style

Kid Flash, My Style costume submitted by Anna B.

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