DIY Red Hood and Starfire Couples Costume


This costume was inspired by the Batman DC comics. We love the comics and just finished the series that Red Hood & Starfire are superheroes in. Pictured with us is another character from the series, however we just took a picture with him. I am an alien named Starfire, on the far right in the purple outfit and my boyfriend is dressed as Red Hood in the center with the red mask.

Red Hood & Starfire

My costume was all handmade. This was my first ever DIY costume and I didn’t use any templates or any help, I basically just did a whole lot of trial and error. Luckily, I didn’t face too many errors. The purple and silver trim are all fabric that I cut and sewed together. For the gems, I used pre-bought gems and glued them onto card stock that I covered in the silver fabric. The arm bands were made using card stock covered with fabric to hold their shape. The bottom was the toughest piece since I did not know how to even start and it took a lot of trial and error to make it fit. The worst part of this whole costume was that I really liked the color and shine of the fabric that I chose it over a stretchy fabric. This fabric was not stretchy at all. Lastly, I made the boots with just fabric that I glued onto an old pair of shoes then I sewed the rest of the fabric to cover my legs. Because it wasn’t stretchy, I had to use double-sided tape to hold it up.

My boyfriend’s mask and chest piece were both handmade. They were both made using EVA foam that was cut and heated to mold it together. The eye parts were made using a pair of reflective sunglasses that were broken to fit into the sockets. Paint and detailing was added later once the pieces were molded and finished. From far away, you wouldn’t expect to feel how light his costume was since it was made out of foam.

Red Hood & Starfire costume submitted by Kat L.

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