DIY Purple Rain Prince Costume for Dogs


Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.
-The Dog Formerly Known as Olive.

Olive is a 4-year old Golden Retriever that absolutely LOVES to dress up. She’s a bit of a big girl (she’s not fat, she’s just fluffy 😉 ) so regular store-bought costumes never seem to fit. A couple of years ago, I ended up with a hand-me-down sewing machine and a lot of free time. My problem of being unable to outfit my dog was solved!

Purple Rain, by The Dog Formerly Known as Olive

I start thinking about Olive’s Halloween costume several months before Halloween. So, when Prince passed away earlier this year, it was a no-brainer for me. What better way to celebrate his life than by using his likeness (and incredible sense of style) along with my very best furry friend to bring smiles to everyone that sees her.

To make the costume, I took apart one of Olive’s t-shirts to use as a pattern for the purple trench coat and frilly white shirt. I added embellishments, frilly sleeves, jeweled buttons, and silver studs to complete the look. I found a miniature replica of Prince’s famous white Cloud Guitar and added a zebra print guitar strap. Finally, topped it all off with a fantastic wig of curly hair (kept in place with an elastic chin strap).

Purple Rain, by The Dog Formerly Known as Olive costume submitted by Brandy A.

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