DIY Pin-Up Robin Costume (WOW!)


This is my original concept Pin-Up Robin costume that I made to wear to New York ComiCon 2012. My inspiration for this costume was to pay tribute to Robin’s creator: Jerry Robinson, the famous cartoonist who worked on the original Batman comics; and also my Great Uncle who passed away a few months before. He got the inspiration for the character of Robin from our family name, Robinson, and so I felt it would be fitting to interpret the character in a new way that I could relate to and made it in the style of a 40’s pin-up girl.

Pin Up Robin

I started with a base red corset purchased online that I added metallic ribbon trim to and fashioned a belt from a jeweled button and velvet ribbon. I made the bottoms, boot covers and arm bands from a stretch material custom-fitted to myself and purchased the green gloves online to match. The base of the shoes are cheap boots from Goodwill and the wing around the ankle was added to them with craft foam glued to the boot’s lining.
The cape was created from a stiff felt as the collar base with a semi-stretchy yellow fabric hot glued and sewn around it and pinned in front for closure.

I styled a black wig by setting it in mesh rollers and heating it with a steamer so as not to melt the synthetic hair. When it cools, it creates long-lasting style so the hair won’t change even in rain or humidity. I made the hair ornament and mask from a synthetic leather material and painted the “R” and trim in gold fabric paint.

My favorite part of wearing this costume to New York ComiCon was getting asked about it and being able to explain my very personal inspiration and how proud I was to be connected to such a wonderful and artistic man whose legacy will live on forever in the iconic characters he’s created.

Pin Up Robin

Pin-Up Robin costume submitted by Sydney M.

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