DIY Nurse Cat Costume – Nurse Pixie and Her Patient Layla


Nurse Pixie is taking care of her patient Layla! I myself am a Registered nurse. Pixie was my sister’s (Casey) cat who passed away of bone cancer 3 years ago at the age of 14. Pixie and Casey had a very special relationship. Pixie was a constant comfort for Casey.

DIY Nurse Cat Costume

For laughs I use to dress Pixie up as a nurse to help take care of Casey and she would also encourage Casey to take her meds because who wouldn’t want to take meds from an adorable kitty like Pixie! When Casey was feeling good she would joke that Pixie misses taking care of her, so we started dressing her up to take care of my 4 other cats so she wouldn’t lose her excellent nursing skills!

Her nurse scrub too was from a teddy bear I got when I became a nurse. Casey made her the stethoscope, nurse hat and badge. If you look closely Pixie has a heart on her face which is a marking she was born with. Casey called it her angel kiss because she was so sweet so wore her heart on the outside.

DIY Nurse Cat Costume submitted by Melissa

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