DIY Nun Dog Costume


I wanted to make a Halloween outfit for Missy, my little poodle, as the pumpkin outfit we ordered did not arrive in time. I had helped my friend to make hers, a Pope outfit for her dog. So I thought hmmm, a nun would go great with Bach (her dog). I never sewed a thing in my life but am very creative. So thanks to Ikea’s iron on hem tape, two t shirts, one white and one black and bit of cardboard, I managed to make Missy her Halloween outfit! And boy does she look awesome in it! I thought round glasses would make her look more ‘nunish’ so made those with two curtain rings and some wire, sprayed black. I finished the bib off by gluing some lace around it and hung a silver cross. 🙂 She was as good as gold, letting me try out her costume as I was making it. She also loved modeling it! 🙂 Ta Daaaaa!

Suor Maflaria

Suor Maflaria costume submitted by Jacqui F.

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