DIY Mac and Cheese Costume (This is Incredible!)


Madi, my almost 2 yr old granddaughter, loves mac and cheese. So we decided to make her a cup of mac n cheese.

Toilet paper rolls were used for the noodles and painted yellow and hot glued onto the costume. We saved toilet paper rolls and paper towel roles for weeks. The bowl was made using a small clothes basket. Poster board was painted, detailed and cut to fit and wrapped around the basket. The fork was made out of cord board and wrapped with gray tape with noodles hot glued to it. It was a fun and unique costume.

Everyone’s Favorite, Mac n Cheese

We received lots of compliments and requests for pictures from the very young to older trick or treaters. Was told numerous times it was the best costume of the night and how cute it was!

Everyone’s Favorite, Mac n Cheese

DIY Mac and Cheese costume submitted by Dawn H.

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