DIY Maasai Warrior from Kenya Baby Costume


This is Sukari Suzuki Jordan and in this photo she is a Maasai Warrior from Kenya. This was in 2013 when she was 4 months old. We had just moved back to California from Kenya where we lived for 6 years. I loved learning about the Maasai tribe so was very inspired to make her costume. The jewelry is actual Maasai handmade jewelry, I made the dress, shoes out of rubber (actual Maasai shoes are made from recycled tires), the spear is made with foam and wood and the shield is made from a diaper box.

Maasai Warrior from Kenya

Each year I make a costume based on a different country to celebrate a strong figure. I also rotate male and female costumes each year. The first year she was a Maasai Warrior from Kenya (we lived in Africa 6 years and I was very inspired by the tribe), her second year she was Frida Kahlo representing Mexico, her third year she a Muay Thai boxer from Thailand and this year Queen Elizabeth the First.

Maasai Warrior costume submitted by Taya M.

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