DIY LEGO Costumes for Kids (Really Easy to Make!)


These r mommy’ three little Legos. This year instead of buying costumes and looking like every other Spider-Man, ninja turtle, fire man or puppy dog we decided to put our hands to work and make costumes for the boys. I got the idea from a picture I’d seen on Facebook and thought “YES”!!! The boys took to the idea right away!


I let the boys each pick out what color they wanted to be……Anden 6yrs old picked Blue, Graysen 5yrs old picked Yellow and Raelen 4yrs old picked Red. My boys r very close in age, not a year between any of them! Anden and Graysen r the same age for 1 day and Graysen and Raelen r the same age for 65 days! This makes them all very close! I tend to dress them all alike quite often and they actually like it. It was only fitting that they all b Lego’s. The costumes were very easy to make! Used cardboard boxes, cut holes in them, spray painted each of them and the used solo cups. I was very excited about finding the see through cups to match! The DIY LEGO costumes were a huge hit! Everyone loved them and commented on them! They were a big attraction in our small town! Looking forward to seeing what we can come up with next year!

Lego’s costume submitted by Ashley S.

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