DIY Kids Sharknado Costume


DIY kids entry: My son David is wearing the costume. As a family we watch the Sharknado movies each year. He can’t wait for Sharknado 5. When asked what he wanted to be for Halloween his answer was “a Sharknado”, so I seached the internet.

kids sharknado costume

This costume started with the directions found on “How-to sharknado costume!! By Threadbanger” on youtube:

Uses a 3 ring tomato cage for the base with several layers of plastic wrap, followed by 2 bags of spider webs. In addition I used part of a bag of fake snow mat. It makes a much better puffy cloud ring than the spider webs.

sharknado family costume

I also used a battery powered set of RGB 5050 leds for the lightening. As pictured it was in a white flash setting. We also used the green and red pulse settings for awhile so he could be a nuclear nado and lava nado. He had a great time during Halloween.

With the led lights he could be spotted from across the street. We heard many kids and adults say “hey there’s the sharknao” and give him high 5s. Best Halloween yet!

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