DIY Kidnapped Optical Illusion Costume


My son and I have taken to DIY costumes over the past few years. I keep trying to push the envelope seeing as it won’t be long before he no longer wants my help. While browsing through creative ideas I came across a picture of a gorilla version of this costume.

Kidnapped Illusion Costume

We used PVC pipe, witchy looking mask, witch costume, black gloves, duct tape, paper, kid’s shoes and jeans, cardboard, spray paint, foam head, 2 turtle necks. We built the cage out of PVC, added a stand to the back to create the witch illusion, spray painted and drilled holes, made a duct tape dummy mold of my son, put the witch costume on it, attached the stuffed gloves with zip ties, used luggage straps attached to the cage with zip ties in the bottom back corners, cut a slit in the dress for my son to slide through, and stuffed the dummy, jeans and shoes with paper.

More people than expected asked who was in the costume. More than a few people tried to talk to the dummy. You could see it on their faces when people finally wrapped their minds around what they were looking at. We did make a little girl cry but that was because of the mask we chose. Most everyone loved it and my son was pretty good about not giving away the secrets of his costume.

Kidnapped Illusion Costume

Kidnapped Optical Illusion Costume submitted by Tamera S.

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