DIY No Sew Kevin the Minion Kids Costume


This Kevin the Minion costume will surely grab the attention of anyone who was a fan of the little creatures. It has a mascot style to it that makes it super realistic in shape and design. This little guy truly does look like he’s a part of Minionkind in this costume!

DIY No Sew Kevin the Minion Kids Costume

A message from Sarah, the creator of the ‘DIY No Sew Kevin the Minion’ kids costume:

I made this no-sew “Kevin the Minion” costume for my 2-year old son, Mason, who loved (and still loves) the Minions. I wanted him to look like the real thing, so I started searching the internet and found several creative and clever ideas during an extensive Pinterest search.

To make the costume, I used part of a foam egg-crate mattress topper for the body, lips, and teeth. Once they were shaped using scissors and hot glue, I spray painted the body and lips yellow, the teeth white, and then attached the lips and teeth with hot glue to the mouth cutout. The goggles are made from oatmeal canisters with hot glue dotted around the outside to make the rivets. I painted them with silver metallic spray paint. The overalls, buttons, Gru symbol, eyes, and goggle strap are all cut from various colors of felt and hot glued into place. The legs of the overalls are hot glued together (no sewing at all in this costume!). The hair is made from pipe cleaners bent in half and stuck through a piece of yellow felt. The felt was then hot glued to the top of the head. There is an opening in the back of the body, from above the crotch area of the overalls to around the neck area, so that my son could step into the costume. Once inside, the opening closes completely shut with a Velcro strip the length of the opening. A yellow minion pajama shirt, black mittens, and black shoes completes the look.

Minion Smile

My son, who is a little shy at times, expressed total confidence while wearing this costume. He was high-fiving strangers and even people in rather scary costumes and let people take his picture… A LOT. He loves this costume so much, that he asked if he could be “Kevin” again this Halloween!

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