DIY Hot Air Balloon Halloween Costume


Ever seen a hot air balloon before? If not, they look exactly like this little girl’s costume! It’s quite a smart use of simple items that combine to create a very unique costume. Anyone would want to sail above the clouds with this girl and her costume!

Hot Air Balloon Costume

A message from Missy, the creator of the ‘DIY Hot Air Balloon’ halloween costume:

This might be my favorite (and easiest) costume I’ve ever made. With a quick stop at the balloon shop for a 36″ balloon + balloon net (cost about $10 total) and a basket I found lying around the house, Josie was on cloud 9 in this costume! The best part – it lasted for a really long time, so she was able to wear it for her school halloween party, a halloween 5K, and trick-or-treating!

All I had to do was cut the bottom out of the basket, tie the net to the edges of the basket, and add some suspenders to hold the basket around her waist. And we added a few ribbons to pretty it up a bit.

Kids Hot Air Balloon Costume

Thank goodness it wasn’t a windy Halloween!

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