DIY Holding Your Head Halloween Illusion Costume for Kids


My son Jadon is wearing this costume. We had the BEST time with this costume this year! Jadon has always loved tricking everyone.

diy holding your head illusion costume for kids

First we made the frame to hold the coat up. It was made by using an old bookbag and PVC pine. We measured the PVC pipe so that it would extend about his head when the book bag was placed on. I taped the PVC pipe to the bookbag then wrapped the PVC pipe with blankets to give it a full appearance under the coat.

I cut the back half of a cheese ball container out to be placed on Jadon’s head. Gloves were stuffed and sewn to an old trench coat. First Jadon would put the bookbag on, then he would put the jacket on and button it up, leaving one button open to put his head through. Once his head was through the opening in the coat, the plastic container was placed over his head. If you place a glow in the dark stick inside the plastic container, it looks like the head is floating in fog.

Jadon wore this costume to many places, he was always being asked if they could take his photo.

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