DIY Happy HalloWEENIE Hot Dog Stand Dog Costume


Teddy is a Yorkiepoo who I adopted from an animal shelter. He is the sweetest well mannered gentleman. I made his hot dog cart out of a cardboard box and a children’s tricycle. I sprayed the cardboard box with red spay paint. The HalloWEENIE sign and black wheels are also made from cardboard and spray painted. The umbrella is a real umbrella but just very large. The accessories are are a hotdog roller, catchup and mustard bottles, and hotdog/food baskets. I made the hot dog roller out of cardboard and paper towel rolls. I used aluminum foil to cover the paper towel rolls and the base. I used hot glue to put it together. Teddy’s hot dog costume was purchased at Target. The hotdog/food basket and ketchup and mustard bottles were purchased at Walmart. To top this off Teddy helped me give out 300 real hot dogs to all our trick or treaters.

Happy HalloWEENIE

Happy HalloWEENIE costume submitted by Amanda J.

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