DIY Girls Smurfette Costume


This little Smurfette is the perfect size to play her favorite blue character. Lots of work went into this costume and it has definitely paid off because she looks exactly like the little creatures from the cartoons. Everybody will recognize Smurfette this Halloween!

DIY Girls Smurfette Costume

A message from Kim, the creator of the ‘DIY Girls Smurfette’ costume:

My then 8 year old daughter, Grace, was Smurfette for Halloween 2 years ago.

I was able to find an adorable white dress (6 sizes too big!) on clearance, so snatched that right up. I didn’t own a sewing machine at the time, so all alterations to the dress were made done by handstitching. I also handstitched some little white circles of felt onto the front of the dress to mimic Smurfette’s dress. I purchased a long sleeve blue t-shirt, blue tights, blue gloves and blue face paint to capture her blue body. The hair was a blonde wig that I had found and used 3 cans of yellow “hair spray” to get the perfect color.

“Smurfette’s” hat is a white fleece winter hat that I flipped out. I sewed the hat to the wig and then sewed the very top of the hat to the wig as well to give it that droopy look. Cheap white canvas sneakers and a pink flower in her hat rounded out the look. She won first prize in our local costume contest that year!

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