DIY Free Puppies Costume for Babies


The puppy in the middle is my little girl. Her name is Teagan. She is 10 months old and obsessed with dogs and our 3 year old American bulldog named Saban! A lot of people said that I would have to get rid of him because he wouldn’t do good with a little baby. Well they were wrong and they are best friends! If she could talk I know she would pick this costume…So the inspiration is from how much she loves doggies and her doggie Saban. I thought what better way to show that by having her be a puppy for Halloween. Since she isn’t walking yet, I figured I would use the stroller as part of her costume and this is what I came up with! Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!!!! 🙂

free puppies

free puppies costume submitted by Johnna M.

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