DIY Fortune Teller Costume for Girls


This is my daughter Anya she is 11 years old. This costume was her idea. We went to our local good will and bought a long colorful dress, a black flowing blouse, and a colorful scarf. Then we got a piece of foam board and a glittery Christmas bulb from dollar tree. The rest of the items we already had. We used lots of jewelry, scarfs, gloves, and a little makeup to complete her outfit. We then cut a piece of foam board down glued a bandana to it, threaded some string through the board so she could carry it around her neck. Then we glued the Christmas ball to a small plastic ring then glued that to the table. For some finishing touches we glued some cards and a box of crystals to the table top. That is how we made a fortune teller!

Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller costume submitted by Patricia P.

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