DIY Captain America Horse Costume


The bigger the superhero the better! This four-legged Captain America will definitely make the city feel safe this Halloween. It’s amazing what we’ll do for our non-human members of the family and this is a perfect example of the hard work and dedication we’ll put in to achieve incredible results!

DIY Captain America Horse Costume

A message from Kendal, the creator of the ‘DIY Captain America Horse’ costume:

This is a completely hand-sewn Captain America costume, made for my American Paint Horse named Princess. The costume took about a month to make, slowly constructing it piece by piece. To fit a horse I used 3 yards of blue fabric, 2 yards of white, 1 yard of brown, and 2 yards of red. Luckily Princess was very patient and didn’t mind the many “model fittings”.

The only things I did not make are the red white and blue halter she is wearing and the shield. Everything else is all me, blood sweat and many pricked fingers later. I have literally never been as proud of something I made as this. I hope people find it as awesome as I do.

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