DIY Braveheart William Wallace Dog Costume


This is Archibald. He’s a west Highland Terrier and this year he was to lead the Westies Dog walk at the Highland Gathering. Most of the Westies wear kilts in this walk but his owner felt that he wasn’t prim and proper enough to wear the average kilt and wanted something more rough and rugged. She asked me to make him a William Wallace outfit as if was more fitting to his character.

William Wallace

To make it as medieval as possible while still looking appropriate for the day (as in William Wallace’s time they didn’t actually have tartans yet) we looked for a “hunting tartan”, we went the extra mile and ordered some pure wool tartan in her family name. The colours were rich and earthy and just perfect for our needs. I found some nobbly, woolly looking fabric with lots of texture for the top section and used real leather for the belt. To top it off I made him a tartan plaiddy to drape across his back and left a gap in the belt to slip it through as though the belt held it down.

Adding the blue woad to little Archie’s face just made it the most magical outfit. It’s the smallest costume I’ve ever made but I’m SO happy with it. 🙂 Archie did us proud.

William Wallace

William Wallace costume submitted by Merri F.

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