Grandma-Approved DIY Baby Popeye Costume


“This is my grandson Lenox and his mom and dad wanted him to be Popeye because he resembles him and even more so when he bites down on his gums and his cheeks puff out like Popeye.

DIY Baby Popeye Costume

The costume was a teddy bear outfit I found at the goodwill and I altered it by cutting it open , adding more fabric in front to get it on him and added anchor earrings I glued onto buttons in the front and added more material on the pant legs and jacket length and then changed the scarf color to red like Popeye.

I took an old flesh colored camisole and cut it up to make forearms and added tattoos of anchors on each arm, then I added a crushed mini can of spinach w fake spinach and a corn cob pipe. And the final touch…””send more …spinach”” on his shoe bottoms!”

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