Diablo 3 Wizard Costume Cosplay


My entry is of the Wizard costume from the game Diablo 3. I made all of it except for the leggings. This build took 6 months on-and-off to make (started in February 2016), with June and July being my busiest months.

Diablo 3 Wizard Costume Cosplay

Most of the armor is made of foam (specifically, gym floor mats) and was dremeled, heat sealed, and plastidipped before painting them. The breastplate, crown, and choker is made of a thermoplastic called Worbla. Unlike the foam armor, I prepared the painting process for these pieces by coating several layers of gesso on them and sanding them in between a few layers to get it super smooth. The armor is attached to me with elastic and nylon webbing with buckles on them.

Most of the gems on the armor are made of resin and colored with food coloring. The resin gems were cast in plastic orbs instead of resin molds because I couldn’t find the molds I needed readily available. A few gems such as the ones on my belt and on the choker are made of polymer clay. The jacket and skirt are made of taffeta fabric. For the jacket, I satin stitched the white fabric onto the sleeve. The gold trim on the skirt is spandex (which is a huge no-no in sewing; I somehow made it work) and the white detail on it is iron-on vinyl.

As for the staff, it’s made of foam and has a wooden handle. The staff is the only piece of my costume where I had to carve the pieces before dremeling because they’re such huge pieces. After I carved and dremeled it, I filled the gaps in wood filler, sanded it, and coated it in plastidip. The glowing orb on it is a plastic ornament and inside is a push light covered in blue-purple organza fabric. It’s held in place with three pieces of fishing line to give the floating effect.

All of the painting on the armor and staff is done in acrylic paints. It takes approximately 20 minutes to put this entire costume on. I have to have someone help me put certain pieces on, such as the breastplate and shoulder armor (ESPECIALLY the shoulder armor; it hooks in the back and keeps the pieces together from slipping around).

Diablo 3 Wizard Costume Submitted by Davy P.

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