11 Darth Vader Dog Costumes (For Those of the Dark Side)


Show off your dog’s dark side this Halloween with one of these incredible Darth Vader costumes! These costumes are perfect for all four-legged Sith Lords who want to show everyone where their allegiance lies. There is also an incredible DIY tutorial ideal for the evil Vader’s who want to take things into their own hands this Halloween!

Here are some great Darth Vader dogs costumes if your furry one tends to lean towards the dark side of the force.

Darth Vader Pet Costume

Let your furry little Sith Lord take over the galaxy this Halloween in this outstanding Darth Vader pet costume! This 3-piece front costume slips onto your dog to instantly turn them to dark side. Your dog will be ready to face any Jedi when they don this costume!

Darth Vader Sweater for Pets

Slip your pet to the dark side with this superb Darth Vader sweater! This warm sweater is handmade from soft and comfortable materials making it ideal for any little Vader’s who are battling the coldest conditions this Halloween. Your furry little companion will be the centre of attention when they sport this cute costume!

Darth Vader Dog Collar

Show off your best friends evil side this Halloween with this incredible Darth Vader dog collar! This collar is made from very durable materials and has Darth Vader’s uniform print on it making it distinguishable to all Star Wars fans. Your dog will be ready to lead the Galactic Empire when you slip this collar on!

Darth Vader Dog Halloween Costume

Suit your dog up in preparation for their next confrontation with Luke Skywalker in this extraordinary Darth Vader costume! This full body costume is a must have for all four-legged Darth Vader’s and will make them stand out as the most evil villain in the entire galaxy this Halloween!

Darth Vader Dog Costume

Have your dog lead the Imperial Forces this Halloween with this stunning Darth Vader costume! This costume covers your four-legged friend’s front to make them look like a real standing Darth Vader ready to take command. Your dog will be everyones favorite Sith Lord when they gear up in this costume!

Darth Vader Big Dog Costume

Restore confidence in the dark side of the force this Halloween with this remarkable Darth Vader dog costume! This 3-piece costume is designed to fit large dogs and will make them look like the evil leader they’ve always been destined to be! Nothing will stand in your dogs way when they don this costume!

Darth Vader Dog Bandana

Let your pooch take over the galaxy in style this Halloween with this shocking Darth Vader bandana! This bandana has a very unique color scheme that makes is stand out amongst other Vader costumes. Your furry friend will be the most fashionable Sith Lord around with this unique bandana!

Darth Vader Dog Collar Bandana

Show everyone where your dogs allegiance lies with this fantastic Darth Vader collar bandana! This glow in the dark lightsaber bandana slips onto most dog collars to instantly turn them to the dark side. Your pooch will be all set to light the way when they sport this incredible bandana!

Darth Vader Dog Carrier

Have your pooch rule the galaxy this Halloween with this astounding Darth Vader carrier! This shirt slips over your small dog to fit snug and comfortably and will prepare them for any attacks from the Rebel Alliance! It’s also makes a great doggie shirt for any day of the year making it a must have for all Star Wars fans!

Glow in the Dark Darth Vader Dog Collar

Let your pooch light the way this Halloween with this wonderful Darth Vader collar! This Vader helmet and lightsaber styled collar glows in the dark to make your dog stand out and to show everyone that they are the most evil Sith Lord in the entire galaxy!

Darth Vader Duel Sweater

Prepare your dog for a duel this Halloween with this outstanding sweater! This unique shirt has a Darth Vader versus Luke Skywalker lightsaber duel print that makes it the ultimate good vs evil dog costume. Your pooch will be ready to show off their lightsaber skills when they slip into this incredible costume!

DIY Darth Vader Dog Costume

Make Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Prove to all your friends that you’re the most creative Emperor in the galaxy with this Darth Vader dog costume guide! This blog actually has 3 dog Star Wars costume tutorials with the Vader costume being at the bottom making this the ultimate dog costume guide for all Star Wars fans!

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