Creepy Doll Face Costume


This creepy doll face costume is perfect for adding the spookiness back into Halloween. It was also pretty inexpensive to put this costume together which shows just how far a few dollars can go. She looks exactly like one of those creepy dolls that’s inĀ almost every horror movie and will definitely spook everyone this Halloween!

Creepy Doll Costume

A message from Jennifer, the creator of the ‘Creepy Doll Face’ costume:

This is my beautiful daughter Allison Hodge she loves everything about Halloween.

The inspiration behind this costume is creepy dolls. Porcelain face with the bright blue eyes starring through you. No that’s not creepy at all. Haha.

This costume in total costed 25.00. The wig was the most costly item of them all. We found the white dress at our local good will and she splattered it all over with fake blood which you can find at a local party city or Wal-Mart. Her makeup was rather inexpensive as well. Acrylic paints were used with an airbrush for all the fine details. Followed up with her knee high socks and basic flat and black converse shoes.

Doll Face

Allison loves to dress up and she absolutely loves Halloween. She volunteers for our local haunt and is a wonderful actress. This is her favorite theme to dress as “Dolls”.

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