Creepy Beetlejuice Costume of the Maitlands


I am wearing the costume along with my boyfriend. My favorite movie is bettlejuice and about 2 days before a night out for Halloween I decided to make these costumes. So began the journey. The mask on the left started as a helmet. With lots of paper mache, a nose was made. Old tights served for the black eyes. The hand piece on tape is my own hand!

the maitlands costume

I wrapped my hand in newspaper and tape, then filled it with more newspaper (so glad I hadn’t thrown out mail yet!). The mask on the right was created almost out of thin air. Or really, more newspaper. I started taping newspaper and cardboard together into the desired shape. Then covered the whole thing in paper mache. The teeth are playdoh and some extra clay I had. I used a dye To paint it.

Then some paint on top. The tongue is also made out of paper. Once done, the biggest journey was then to find a dress and shirt. Luckily, the shirt was awaiting at my local thrift store. The dress took a few tries (oh and being stuck in a parking lot for 2 hours because the car wouldn’t start), but eventually the dress appeared at the other local thrift store. Today these beauties reside in my kitchen upon a shelf.

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