53 Most Creative Halloween Costumes for Women


Nobody wants to just blend in with everyone else at a party. That is why you need a costume that is a little bit different. Even if you opt for a popular character you can still put a different twist on your costume to make it more unique, you just have to get creative. Here is a roundup of our favorite creative costumes for women.

This is the holy grail for creative Halloween costume ideas for women. Love it!

Boo Boo the Clown Costume

This creative boo boo the clown costume is just perfect for those of you that like to stand out at fancy dress parties. The vibrant colors will certainly have you standing out for all the right reasons. Includes dress and hat on headband

Sexy Peacock Costume

Be extremely proud attending any party with this fantastic sexy peacock costume. The colors are great and made from high quality fibers you will be able to strut around knowing you look great. featuring a corset dress with peacock feathers, a headpiece, and a ruffle panty

Naughty Candystriped Mime

Who says that a mime must just wear black and white definitely not this mim. This candy striped mime looks great with the red and white candy stripes going great with the black dress and black hat. The whole costume features Black Jumper Layered Dress with a Off-the-Shoulder White and Red Striped Shirt that Has Puff Sleeves, Details of Lace Trim, Bow and Buttons Front.

Hipster Mermaid

Why can’t mermaids be hipster there is no reason now with this hipster mermaid costume look cool at parties halloween or even the beach, this costume features a white crop top with spaghetti straps, a ruffled hem, purple shell accents, green metallic leggings with a black scale design, and black faux glasses.

Grape Costume

Have you ever wanted to dress up as a bunch of grapes, if the answer is yes and why wouldn’t it be then this grape costume is for you. This costume can be worn comfortably over your own clothes and looks great in its purple color and comes with overall and headpiece.

Rugrats Angelica

Become the brat that everyone loved to hate from the rugrats with this fantastically creative Rugrats Angelica costume. includes Angelica’s favorite purple and orange dress, pink hair bows, and even her spotted leggings!

Magical Mermaid Tail

There is always something magical about mermaids, and with this magical mermaid tail costume you will be able to feel the magic for yourself. The mermaid tail comes in various colors and looks great with its bright vibrant colors.

Dragonfly Costume

This costume is definitely different and looks great as well this dragonfly costume is great for any fancy dress party. includes: A dress with a V-neckline, empire waist, rosebud embellishments, a layered skirt, and a pair of wings.

Midnight Firey outfits

This midnight fairy costume is just the thing for halloween or a fancy dress party. The dark colors are a creative change from normal lighter fairy colors and will look great when you put it on. This womens costume includes a pane velvet and lace fairy dress, headpiece, and fairy wing

Mona Lisa Framed Costume

The famous mona lisa has always been iconic and now you can dress up as this iconic painting and have people rolling with laughter as you try to pull off her famous smile. Perfect for halloween or any fancy dress party this is the costume for you. Includes: A Mona Lisa art print tunic and all the tubes and connectors you’ll need for this costumes’ simple assembly.

Sugar Skull Jumpsuit

Dressing as a skeleton for halloween need not be scary it can also be cool. This sugar skull jumpsuit is just the thing if you would rather be cool than scary. Black catsuit with colorful skull body design Matching G-string and nurse cap included.

Capitol Hill Hilary Clinton Costume

Will hillary become the first woman president we will just need to wait and see, but with this capitol hill hillary clinton costume you can look the part at any party and could be dressing as a future president of the United States. featuring a blue mini dress with long sleeves, a deep V-neckline, a front button closure with blue button detailing, faux pocket accents, and a mini American flag pin.

Sexy Mermaid Princess

Mermaids are sexy and have a great mystique about them now you can dress up as this sexy mermaid princess and reign over the oceans with this great looking costume. The stunning shimmering gold dress and top make this one extraordinarily beautiful costume.

Green Grapes Costume

Some people like red grapes, some purple and for those who like green grapes then this is the costume for you. Dress up as your favourite fruit and avoid the wrath of party goers by bringing a smile to their face with this fun and creative costume. he green grapes tunic with attached sleeves, grape balloons, and matching hood

Sexy Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra the queen of the nile the beautiful egyptian princess that all the men want and all the women want to be, well now you can with this stunning sexy cleopatra costume. The costume includes blue wrap around top with tie-up lacing and skirt with attached briefs, headpiece and armband.

Crayola Crayon

If you are looking for something creative from your costume. Then look no further than this excellent crayola crayon Costume. Crayons are usually used to be creative, but now with this costume you will be the creative one at the party. The costume includes Sleeveless dress features a hooded detail that completes the look entirely. Mesh detail at chest and hem for a look that is all your own

Steampunk Vampire

Vampires are cool and steampunk is cool put the both together in this steampunk vampire costume and you have one super cool costume. Be the envy of everyone at the party with this fantastic steampunk vampire costume.

Sexy Nemo Fish Costume

Nemo the clownfish was a great character and now with this adult Nemo costume you can relive the excitement of the film featuring a long sleeve orange hoodie with zip-up front closure, white stripe details with black outline, fin accents on wrists and back, and an attached hood with matching fin

Female Gladiator Costume

This female gladiator costume will bring out the warrior in you. Thrill your friends at the party as you hack and slash you way to the food table. The costume comes with gladiator dress with fringe effect top and headband to complete the look.

Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf Hybrid

What is more creative than a hybrid costume and this little red riding hood & wolf hybrid costume is just the thing for those sweet girls that have a naughty streak. This costume includes Bustier Arm warmers,Headband,Basket,Knee socks,Suspenders,Tutu,Wig

Exotic Isis Winged Costume

These exotic isis wings are just perfect to go with any costume that needs a creative spark. They unfold into spectacular wing and certainly have the wow factor. With these you will definitely be noticed. Available in various colors. The costume includes 1 pair of belly dance isis wings

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo dolls are scary at the best of times, but dress up in this voodoo doll costume and you will be scaring everyone as a life size voodoo doll this fantastic costume looks great and will make you a hit at any fancy dress or halloween party. The costume includes Dress, Pantyhose, Novelty stick pins, Heart pin.

Femme Darth Vader Costume

Darth Vader is one of the all time iconic star wars villains, so is it fair that women don’t get to be him. Well fret no more with is great looking female Darth vader costume. Now women can rule the galaxy as darth vader, but just remember to say no I am your mother instead. The costume includes Dress, Belt, Headpiece, Knee Socks, Necklace

Paper Doll

Looking for something a bit different and a bit off the wall or outside the box? Then this paper doll costume is for you. Its quirky and colorful design will make sure it stands out at any costume party showing everyone how you like to be different for all the right reasons. The costume features Bodysuit, Foam dress, Leggings, Foam scissors, Hair bow

Comic Book Cutie

Put the chic into geek with this comic book cutie costume. Perfect for halloween or any comic book themed party this fun looking costume really does look the part. The costume features dress, belt, cape, and headband

Witch Doctor

Witch doctors the scary chanting medical people of african tribes. Now with this witch doctor costume you can become the creepy medicine woman of your tribe. The brown dress has an off-the-shoulder neckline and includes a black gauze shawl. Use it to wear over your shoulders, as a sash, or scarf to complete your witch doctor costume.

Dark Queen Victorian Gothic

If queen costumes are to nice and bright for your taste then this Dark Queen Victorian gothic costume is just perfect for you. The costume is made with high quality materials and certainly looks great with a dark twist. The costume features a full length long sleeve ball gown style dress. the Dress features glitter skull designs and silver trim details.

Cheshire Cat

You will be grinning as wide as the real cheshire cat when you put on this Cheshire cat costume. The colors are bright and colorful just as you would expect from an alice in wonderland character.the Cheshire Cat Adult Costume includes, Hooded Dress, Tail, Thigh Highs

Black Swan Costume

Become the dark black swan with this excellent costume. The costume looks great in it’s all over black and it comes with. Dress, headpiece and sleevelets, Black feathers and lace create a dark and layered look

Sparkling Goldfish

This stunning sparkling goldfish costume looks fantastic with it bright and sparkling orange colors you will definitely stand out at any costume party. featuring a long sleeve orange glitter romper with an attached goldfish head hoodie, a zip-up front, iridescent peplum sides and an orange iridescent tail on the back.

Tic Tac Toe Costume

Become the family favourite game with this fun and quirky costume. Usually at parties you play game and don’t come as one, but this costume is too good to turn down. Includes Dress, 3 Xs, 3 Os.

Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Unicorns are great mythical creatures that everyone loves and people will love you in this creative and stunning rainbow unicorn costume, the costume looks great and everyone will love it. The costume come with a long fur hoodie with a multicolored main, gold accents, a gold unicorn horn attached to a white romper with a zipper front, multicolored stomach and a long multicolored tail.

Delinquint Lady

A sexy looking delinquent lady costume for the girl that want to show her sexy and bad side. The costume is well made and perfect for halloween or any fancy dress party you get invited to. Based on ‘A Clockwork Orange’, it includes a white long-sleeved jumpsuit, attached beige braces and waistband, and a white cane.

Deluxe Fashioni Batgirl

Batman needs some help and who better to help him that batgirl. This brilliant super heroine costume will have penguin, riddler and the joker running for cover as you pow bop and biff your way through the bad guys. Batman Adult Batgirl Costume Deluxe includes, Corset, Mask, Cape, Leggings

Gorilla’s In The Midst Costume

This gorilla in the midst costume is a fun different and will stand out at your costume party, the White dress is surrounded by an inflatable gorilla hand to make it look like you are about to whisked to the top of the empire state building. This women’s King Kong’s girlfriend costume set includes a dress and inflatable gorilla hand

Hipster Bee

This hipster bee costume will have everyone buzzing at the party. In classic yellow and black you will be the queen bee of the party in no time. This hipster bee costume come with a black crop top with short sleeves, “#BUZZED” printed in yellow, high-waisted leggings with a black and yellow striped design, yellow suspenders with silver clips, attached matching wings, black faux glasses, and a matching antenna headband.

Lady Gaga Grammy’s Costume

GaGa ooh la la. Become the queen of style with this costume that is a copy of what Lady Gaga wore at the 2011 emmys. This well made costume will have you looking like Ga Ga in no time at all. The costume is cropped top, mini skirt with long, sheer draping, jacket, and hat

Chocolate Girl Costume

All you girls love chocolate and now you can dress up as this great chocolate girl. Melt people’s hearts with this sexy costume. includes a white mini skirt with suspenders and a brown, long sleeve crop top with white and brown stripes on the neckline and cuffs, and a green wig with bows.

Mermaid Costume

This mermaid costume comes in emerald green and has wet look material. Perfect for halloween or any type of costume party this is one sophisticated looking costume. The costume comes with dress and unique fin shaped wet look material.

Marionette Costume

No one will be pulling your strings in this marionette costume you will be your own puppetmaster. This costume comes complete with Dress, Bow headband with marionette attachment, Necklace, Wrist and arm strings, Bow, Tights, Petticoat


Everyone seems to hate pigeons, but you can change their mind with this pigeon costume. Dress up as this bird and swoop into the party and have the time of your life and maybe help people to feel better about pigeons. included is a bright pink pair of leggings with incorporated pink shoe covers in the style of pigeon feet. Completing the costume is a pigeon headpiece with black and grey neck feathers, a white beak and eyes.

Lobster Outfit

Become someone’s lobster in this fun and colorful lobster costume. featuring a sexy and strappy mini dress with a ruched bust and waist, a lacy backside bustle with side claws on the hips, and a furry lobster head hood with antennas, paired with fuzzy lobster claw gloves.

Puff The Maic Dragon Outift

This iconic film character was loved by everyone. Now with this spiced up puff the magic dragon outfit people all over will love your costume. The costume is a 6-Piece Set – Skirt and Top, Belt with Tail, Hood, Wings, Legwarmers and Gloves.

Black Water Siren

No one will be able to resist your siren song in the great looking black water siren costume. Lure people to your party and then have a great time with this fantastic costume. The Adult Black Water Siren Costume includes, Dress with attached mermaid tail, Crown

Bonnie Lass Costume

Ach that’s a bonnie lass, is what they will be saying about you when you turn up to the party in this scottish themed bonnie lass costume the costume has a plaid tartan design and comes in a 3 Piece Set, with a Unique bodice design

Premier Skeleton Outfit

Make no bones about it this premier skeleton costume is to die for. The costume looks great and you will show everyone you are bad to the bone at the halloween party in this smart and sexy outfit. The Adult Skeleton Costume Premier includes, Boyshorts, Choker, Corset, Mask, Jacket, Makeup kit, Hat, Over-the-knee socks

Ghostly Goddess

This ghostly goddess costume will have people running towards you instead of away from you. The costume has just the right amount of scary and sexy and you will be a hit at any costume party with it. The costume comes with dress veil and bandage belt to complete the look.

Sweet Eats Cupcake Costume

Show everyone your sweet side with this sweet eats cupcake costume. The costume looks so good people might try to eat you. The costume includes One pullover cupcake tunic and matching sequined cherry hat.

Jellyfish Dress

Jellyfish have weird beauty about them how the move and they way they look so delicate and strong at the same time. Now you can join in with them with this jelly fish dress which includes corset top with frilly tutu skirt and long flowing fringe tentacles this is one unique costume.

Inflatable T-Rex Costume

How many of you would love to be a t Rex? All of you yeah i guessed as much and now you can with this amazing inflatable t-rex costume. You will be able to stomp and chomp your way around the party and no one will see you in this all over costume. The costume comes with Inflatable dinosaur costume, shoe covers, gloves, fan with battery pack

Bat Costume

Scare your friends at the party with this vampire bat costume. The costume comes in black of course and looks so good people will be expecting you to turn into a vampire. The costume comes with black all in one costume with wing arms and vampire bat ears hood to complete the look.

Donna T Rumpshaker

Will you make America great again in this Donna T Rumpshaker costume no one knows, but you will certainly make the party great and have people rolling with laughter as you enter in this fantastically creative costume. The Donna T. Rumpshaker costume features a white sleeveless shirt with an attached collar, an attached red tie, a royal blue faux blazer and royal blue booty shorts


Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a jack o lantern costume and this is one of the best around. The costume looks great and you will look great in it and it will perfectly compliment any halloween party and you are sure to win best costume. The costume includes a shawl hat, skirt, foot covers.

8 DIY Most Creative DIY Halloween Costumes for Women

Dancing Rose DIY Costume

This awesome DIY costume tutorial will show you how to put together a homemade costume to represent Alice in wonderland’s ‘Dancing Rose’.

DIY Russell Costume (UP)

If you are a fan of the movie ‘Up’ then you are going to love this adorable DIY costume which you can follow if you would like to create your very own custom version of the lovely Russell, the Wilderness scout. Who goes on an unexpected adventure. It mostly requires clothing you may already own, with variety of enhancements and alterations in place!

Darla from Finding Nemo

This Darla costume is so easy and yet it is such a smart idea! Darla is the little girl from Finding Nemo who catches our aquatic hero! This is the first time that we have seen anyone cosplaying Darla and the end result is awesome. The walkthrough should help you to create the costume for yourself.

Homemade Wolf Hoodie

This DIY wolf hoodie is simply stunning. It transforms an ordinary, everyday hooded top into an amazing wolf costume that is going to be a perfect Halloween option. If that is not creative then we don’t know what is!

DIY Deer Costume

This awesome homemade deer costume tutorial is going to walk you through every single step of the process, from building your own ears and antlers right down to creating an amazing make up look to take your costume to the next level!

That Dress That Broke The Internet

Remember the madness that ensued when the internet couldn’t come to an agreement on whether or not the dress was black and blue or white and gold? Well, now you can pay homage to the greatest debate of our lifetime in Halloween costume form!.This tutorial will show you how to make your own version of the dress that shows both variations!

Cute DIY Cookie Monster Dress

Oh my goodness! This costume is adorable! If you want to be the cutest Cookie Monster on the block then you are going to need to arm yourself with some blue tulle, a matching blue shirt and some felt to make cookie! This tutorial will serve as your guide.

DIY Cactus Costume

You will be looking anything but prickly in this cute Cactus costume. Check out the tutorial for some guidance in creating your very own cactus dress!

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